Author(s): J. Alfred Phelps



They Had a Dream is the inspiring account of a small band of proud professionals, people who had the strength of character and the commitment to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles on their road to the "final frontier". In 1962, air force Capt. Edward Joseph Dwight, Jr., seemed destined to become America's first black astronaut. Despite strong backing from the highest levels of the Kennedy administration, however, the "good old boys" who controlled key aspects of astronaut corps selection and training won out - this time. But Dwight's failure paved the way for other African Americans who shared his desire to reach the stars. So far, only seven African Americans have gained entrance to the astronaut corps. Their sacrifices, determination, and dedicated service ensure that many more will be able to follow in their footsteps.

They Had a Dream: The Story of African American Astronauts