Author: Barbara Wexler, MPH


Synopsis: Following an organic diet can be a wise choice. But understanding the many terms out in the marketplace--from "natural" to "all natural" and even "organic" vs. "100% organic" can be tricky. What does it mean if a product is labeled "all natural?" Are the health benefits of buying organic even worth it? Which fruits and vegetables contain the lowest amounts of pesticides--and the highest? With the help of this no-nonsense guide, readers can make intelligent choices about the foods they eat with information that includes:Clear, concise explanations about what it means when a food is labeled "organic," the facts about chemicals and pesticides, and where to find organic foodsSound advice for choosing proteins, grains, dairy and dairy alternatives, fats and oils, fruits and vegetables, and more Readers will also find information on preserving vital nutrients when cooking, how to eat well on an organic budget, shopping tips, label reading advice, plus useful resources including organic food companies and web sites. With all that and more at their fingertips, this handy guide is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to take charge of the quality of their food and their health.

Quick Check Guide to Organic Foods